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How does a Care Dryer work?

Care Dryers use a mixture of infra-red lamps, heaters and specially made cylindrical fans. The lamps bathe the body in a warm glow while the heaters and fans blow a steady stream of warm air over you.  The combination of heat and air flow evaporates any moisture left on after your shower.

Is it easy to opertae?

Yes, in its simplest form it works with an on/off touch button and turns off after a set time.  Other activation methods are available depending on your requirements.

How big is it?

The Care Dryer is 1460mm tall, 700mm wide and 300mm deep.  It’s size and shape has been designed to give the best combination of heat, airflow, power and noise level to make the dryer the most effective and efficient body dryer on the market.  

Can it only be positioned on the wall?

No, it can be mounted on the ceiling or on specially made frames to support the dryer horizontally over a stretcher, changing platform or wet bed.

Will I get too hot?

The Care dryer provides a nice level of warmth and does not get too hot.  It also has an auto cut-out after a set cycle time so there are no safety concerns related to prolonged contact.

Can it be used near a water source?

Yes, of course!  The dryer is rated at IPx4 which means it can be located in a wet room or bathroom near a water source such as a shower or bath.

Are the dryers suitable for hospitals?

Absolutlely! The dryer has an inbuilt UV air filter to provide bacteria free air air and can be cleaned with a range of commonly used chlorine based products to assist with infection control 

Are they easy to install?

Yes, the dryer screws into any load bearing wall or can be hung from a suitable structure above.  Our engineering teams can even do this for you.  If the power is in place and you require a mobiler frame, the dryer is simply wheeled in and plugged in!

I want a Care Dryer but don't have the budget!

Care Dryers are available on a variety of commercial options.  Ask us about outright purchase, monthly rentals and lease options.

Sounds great - can I try before I buy?

We are happy to discuss the option of a trial period with a limited number of customers that are happy to rent or buy after the trioal period finishes.  Ask us for more details!

Contact Care Dryers on

+44 (0)1202 890705

or contact us here

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